Maximum comfort. Top quality.

Belts were our company’s first product and were pivotal in writing the first chapters of our success story. During the more than 72 years of our company’s history, our belts have been produced exclusively in our manufactories in Switzerland and Germany. We guarantee that this production practice will continue into the future as well.

As a result, we have especially high quality standards, which are reflected in each and every piece. The buckles, for example, are very intricately integrated into the belt, while the edges of the belt have been carefully processed multiple times.

Our focus on classic leathers and using only the finest materials (which is also true for our watchstraps and leather goods), defines the look of the belt collection. Why have we invested so much time and effort into this? Because we believe that maximum comfort and strapping durability are worth it.


The perfect fit.

We make our belts in all lengths and widths. We also have a large selection of stainless steel buckles to choose from.


Perfect craftsmanship.

Just like our watchstraps, we focus on top quality and customisation options. For this reason, we are also glad to hand stitch your belt upon request. We grind and dye the edges of our belts multiple times – of course always in the same colour as the top layer of leather.