Vintage straps

Handcrafted originals

Our truly original vintage straps are handcrafted in our manufactory near Offenbach am Main, the heart of the German leather goods industry. We guarantee that every single piece of each vintage-look watchstrap is made by a master artisan using only traditional saddler tools. Every Kaufmann vintage watchstrap is hand stitched. A great deal of sensitivity and skilled craftsmanship go into giving each piece that perfect used look.  Our manufactory specialises in the production of vintage straps for collector’s and aficionados of marine and aviator watches. 

By the way: For every vintage watchstrap can be made to your individual length
and personalised with your initials.


Alligator Vintage

Limited Edition

999 dreams

A special gem in our collection is our limited edition “Alligator” vintage strap – the production is limited to 999 straps. Using vintage alligator leather, which gets its used look in a complex tanning process, we naturally handcraft and hand stitch this strap using traditional saddler tools. You will receive this limited edition in a gift box that includes the strap, a matching closure, a screwdriver, a magnifying glass, a strap attachment tool and, of course, a certificate of authenticity.